David Schafran from Blink talks about their new “in home” refraction business

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Guest: David Schafran
David Schafran from Blink (www.goblink.co), joins us on this episode of the Power Hour.  Using "Visioneers" and Eyenetra technology, for $75 Blink performs in-home "vision tests." That information is then sent to an optometrist to review and determine an eyeglass prescription. 
David discusses the logistics, the technology and science and how this is working since Blink's recent launch in New York City.
Date: Wednesday, May 6, 2015


I must be missing something.... All this connection of "refraction for glasses" with optometry. Is that all ODs do? Why is there no reference to OMDs doing "refractions"? Do they not do refractions as well? This site's connection to optometry or optometrists while excluding ophthalmology makes ODs looks like refractionists and glasses peddlers. Take note all you seekers of eye care: OMDs do refractions for glasses, too! So, this new system can replace some of what ophthalmologists do as well as replace some of what ODs do. But, this site and system makes it look like it is a substitute only for what ODs do. This is degrading to the profession of optometry. Look at the GoBlink website: You will find ONLY the words Optometry and Optometrist, but NOT the words Ophthalmology or Ophthalmologist. Why is that?

I would ask that question on the Power Hour to the guest speaker from this company. I would also address the "legality" of doing a "refraction for glasses only" when many if not most vision plans, insurance companies and state boards REQUIRE more than a "refraction by a tech" to qualify as an eye "exam".

The board of optometry in New York state has recently learned about Blink’s launch in New York City and plans to conduct an investigation.

According to Frank Pirozzolo, OD, chairman of the New York board of optometry, state boards in New York serve only in an advisory capacity to the Department of Education. The board does not make regulations or pass laws.

“When complaints start coming in about this, and I assume they will, we will poll our members,” he says. “Our next meeting is in early June".

“Two of the concerns we will be looking at are whether a refraction can be separated from a comprehensive eye exam, and can unlicensed persons be sent out to do testing without a doctor’s direct supervision".

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