Here’s how to make myopia control mainstream and profitable

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Guest: Jeff Cooper, OD

Dr. Jeffrey Cooper, has a long history of approaching myopia as a condition to be controlled, not just optically corrected.  Learn the reasons why he is such a strong proponent of myopia control, how he does it in his own practice and what the financial implications can be for your practice on this episode of the Power Hour!

Date: Wednesday, October 15, 2014


How can I listen to the recording? I missed the show last night and I was very interested in the topic.

Apparently they have not activated the link to listen to the Oct 15, 2014 show as of Oct 16, 2014 at noon eastern time. When it is activated you should be able to listen. Most of the other older shows I checked are listenable.

Yes, it's available for download now. Sorry for the delay. Had some tech issues here.

Did last week's show get recorded? 5 days out you usually have it available to Listen to the Show or download on iTunes...

Yes, it's now available for download . We had some tech issues that delayed things a bit but it's available now. Thanks for listening!

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