ICD-10 preparation and billing and coding dilemmas

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Guest: Alan Homestead

Dr. Alan Homestead, director of billing and coding for the Power Practice joins this episode of the Power Hour.  Alan separates fact from fiction regarding what you should do to prepare for ICD 10.  He also discusses some of the most common billing and coding myths. Being prepared for ICD and using proper billing and coding procedures can significantly alter your practice’s financial destiny. Making mistakes can literally put you out of business!  

Date: Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Excellent broadcast and tremendous thanks for this info!! I was driving and caught the address for odpcli.com to get the 95% of the codes, but missed the follow-up items to get the rest. Was this call recorded or can you help me with the addresses? Again, many thanks and I appreciate your hard work!!


Thanks for listening. All of the shows are recorded. Look up on the top of the comment box on this page, just above where it says "Comments" and click on one of those links.


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