VSP Execs on the Power Hour!

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VSP's Global Board Chair Dan Mannen, O.D., F.A.A.O., and VSP Vision Care President Kate Renwick-Espinosa are our guests.

Dr. Mannen discusses his new position paper on managed vision care, which explores the value it provides patients and consumers, and why he believes the channel is so important to independent optometry. The guests also discuss VSP’s focus for 2017, how it is helping increase access to care, and take questions on other topics from callers.

Date: Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Thing seem to be safe for corporate and academic optometry, but for independent optometry, there is NO way out. Profession and retail sales pushed down below operating costs. Independent Optometry is no longer a viable profession. Oh yes, there may be the P value of less than .005% in small country towns but even these practices are just high Medicaid volumne.

I completely agree with Dr. Rubin. Having been in optometry for 25 years and watch the reimbursements continually going down and the operating costs continually going up, it is not sustainable business model. What once was, no longer is. We can point fingers, and there probably is not a single cause, but there is a predominate one. I can't wait to hear what the execs. have to say!

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