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They seem to be sprouting up like weeds.  Doctor alliances and buying groups are becoming more and more prevalent and are making claims and putting forth reasons why doctors should be in their particular groups instead of competitive ones. Which group, if any, is best for YOUR practice?  Should you just join the one that offers the greatest cost of goods savings?  What about their claims about offering education, camaraderie and other benefits?  Are those really worth the "price of admission" or should you ignore the groups all together?  After all, you can get quality education on your own and negotiate good deals with vendors by yourself.  But are you getting the best deal?  And how do these groups factor into Obamacare, if at all?

Listen to the show when eight of the largest groups in the country ALL join the show TOGETHER to discuss this important topic.  Because of the scope of the topic, this special episode will run about 90 minutes.  On the show will be (in alphabetical order), Michael Block of the Block Business Group, Mark Feder, OD, from IDOC, Jerry Sude, OD, from OD Excellence, Doug Martin of PECCA, David Golden, OD, of PERC, Jerry Hayes, OD, from Prima, Walt West, OD, from Vision Source and Joe Mallinger, OD, from Vision West.  Make sure to listen to this important show!



Date: Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I don't see the June 4 2014 podcast listed on itunes.

This show originally aired on November 8, 2013.  


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